Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Doll House

Images: eBay user wisepa44

I had a similar doll house as a child. The pieces were a tad different but everything else seems very much like a carbon copy of the one I owned. The house came with a Brady Bunch type of family: six kids (three girls and three boys), a mum and dad and a set of grandparents (no Alice the housekeeper though). The adults were permanently fashioned in a seated position (making it very difficult for them to walk, believe me I tried). The children, save for the two youngest, all remained standing. There was a cute little black dog too. Over the years I kept losing pieces, especially bits of the red picket fence. We never lived in a house growing up, so as you can imagine the doll house was magical to me. I received it one Christmas morning and I do believe that I played with it until I went to bed that night. And likewise, each day afterwards. If I had it today, I think I'd still play with it.

I'm over twenty years older now but that doesn't matter.

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