Saturday, June 24, 2006

For Your Inner Smurf

Jokey Smurf

I once had a friend who owned hundreds of Smurfs. We only had five in our home but they were wonderful. When I played with them, I literally escaped into new worlds. My brother and I even built houses for them out of old cookie and cereal boxes (and even those little green strawberry baskets). I wish I had photographed those houses.

In addition to Jokey Smurf (pictured above), the images below are replicas of the Smurf figurines my brother and I shared as children. Since we had two Smurfettes, one on rollerskates and one playing tennis, we thought it appropriate to give one of them a slightly different name. Seeing that the one on rollerskates looked different by default (she wore pig tails which was not common for Smurfette) she was deemed, "Smurfettia".

Smurfettia and Smurfette (they were always competing)

Archer Smurf and Chef Smurf also lived in our home.

The two Smurfs I longed for but never owned are Brainy and Papa Smurf:

Who didn't love the Smurfs? More smurfy goodness over at Blue Imps and Blue Cavern. For your inner smurf, of course.

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  1. Those Smurf houses are really creative. It sounds like you had such fun playing with them. My brother and I never did this - they were more like knick knacks. He might've had that Smurf with the gift box. I actually saw tennis Smurfette on ebay and was going to get this but didn't. I wanted Brainy Smurf when I was a kid too.


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