Friday, June 30, 2006

Sleepytime Bird

Children's Television Workshop

We received this album in 1977 and listened to it with many cups of warm milk and hot chocolate. A listing of the songs:
1. Big Bird's Lullaby - Big Bird
2. Simba, Simba - David and Maria
3. The Snufflelullaby - Snuffleupagus
4. My Lagan Love - Bob
5. Quite Is - Olivia and Gordon
6. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - Maria
7. Golden Slumbers II - Olivia
8. The Grouch's Lullaby - Oscar the Grouch
9. Katchke Green - Mr. Hooper
10. The Count's Lullaby - The Count
11. Count Ten - Susan
12. Mockingbird II - Maria, Gordon, Olivia and Bob
13. Sleep, Sleep Big Bird/Pajarito Grande - Maria and the Ortiz Family
14. Big Bird's Lullaby (Reprise) - Big Bird and The Cast


  1. My sister and I listened and memorized all the songs. Now she's having the first baby in the family and the record was lost in a house fire...anyway to find this record again? -Aunt-to-be Christine

  2. Hi Christine! Congrats on the new addition that will be coming into your family! Very exciting! I couldn't find this album on Amazon but someone is selling it on eBay:

    Here's the link. Good luck!


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