Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wonderful World of Reading

Disney's Wonderful World of Reading had some incredible pieces in their collection (in the late 70's), from "Cinderella" to "Gulliver's Travels" to "Sleeping Beauty" and beyond, there were many a treasured tale in the series. One of my favorites was "Peter and the Wolf". The imagery was breathtaking and literally had the power to carry you to a different time and place.

Remember these?

And of course (this one goes without saying):

Update Jan. 7, 2011: As a child, I found this cover of "Sleeping Beauty" mesmerizing (and still do).

The back cover for most books in the series:

Remember the blue book rack?

Our book rack would rest atop our living room bookshelf with our lovely collection nestled inside. I remember fondly, running up to that corner of the room awaiting my next adventure - within the pages of a book of course:

via family album circa late 70s


  1. Anonymous10/22/2011

    OMG! Yes and there's the blue rack. Havent seen it since I was a kid but I remembered it was blue! And wow, all those books, they bring back so many memories. I can remember being home when the mailman came and I got 'The Jungle Book" in the mail that day. Memories

  2. Bylli:

    There's something about that blue rack that gets me a bit misty eyed. It's one of those early memories that's just so vivid. I suppose it's just the joy that it brought. I'm not sure if we had the Jungle Book (there were loads of them weren't there?) but man did I ever love the story. :)

    Thanks so much for all your comments. Come visit any time. Lots of fun! :)


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