Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cups of Tea and Buttered Toast

What I loved most about the Paddington Bear series (aside from the depictions of daily English life of course which have always mesmerized me), was the way in which the author, Michael Bond, described food. I remember one passage in particular recounted in great detail of how young Paddington dipped his buttered toast into his piping hot cup of tea, at the breakfast table one morning. The toast as I recall, was so buttery that the butter actually slid off of the toast and onto his whiskers. That excerpt was read to us in fourth grade during storytime one day. Needless to say, there were many a rumbling-tummy seated on the floor around the teacher that afternoon.

The passage had further consequences. As soon as I returned home from school that evening, I begged my mum for some tea and toast with loads of butter. I eagerly waited at the dinner table with my Paddington book (fresh from the library) while she prepared it for me.

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