Sunday, July 23, 2006

Myths and Enchantment Tales

"Venus commanded Psyche to go to the realm of Prosperina and Psyche."

My dad purchased "Myths and Enchantment Tales" by Margaret Evans Price from a local book sale, when I was in grade school. Within its covers, the book contained a collection of beautifully illustrated Greek myths. My brother and I spent a good part of our childhood reading, and since we actually owned this book, the pages were quickly worn down. We devoured stories about Cupid, Apollo, and Icharus alongside a host of other mysterious characters, gods and nymphs. To a child, it was an incredible opened up new possibilities. The tales had a haunting yet uplifting quality to them. I'm grateful we never threw the book out, as it's still sitting on my parents' bookshelf in their living room. The lovely incense-like smell of the now browned pages, remains to this day. I always loved inhaling it.

In the foreword, the publishers shared their intents, which very much like the stories themselves was dreamy and hopeful: they reminded the reader to continue the tradition of storytelling where such a thing as the commonplace does not exist.

"Zephyr, the west wind, lifted her gently in his arms and carried her to a flowery valley."


  1. a friend of mine in gradeshool lent me this book. she wasn't even interested in it, but i loved this book! of course it took me three years to give it up (she didn't even notice), but i've always remembered it.

    now i'm saving up to buy one for myself.

  2. Hello Herb! So glad you could drop by! I completely understand why you couldn't part with it, it's an awesome collection of stories. I hope you can get one for yourself too! Cheers! :)


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