Friday, August 25, 2006


I had a mild addiction to Lite-Brite when I was younger. It made the top five of my "best Christmas presents ever" list. I was the only one of my friends and extended kin to receive one. So naturally, there were line ups around my set. When I got a bit older, I ended up giving it away to younger friends who were ever so grateful. I rather regret doing so because every now and then, I feel like creating a picture with coloured pegs. The best part is the plugging in.

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  1. Anonymous9/18/2006

    Can you believe that I never had Litebrite!

    It was one of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant.

    1. Green Eggs & Ham
    2. Where the Wild Things Are
    3. Lite Brite

    Three things no child should go without.

  2. Jody I haven't read "where the wild things are". But I will now! :)

    And I'm so glad you have Lite Brite now! Hooray!

  3. My friend Jenny had this and Speak and Spell too - I was pretty jealous of her.


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