Friday, August 25, 2006

Pick Up Sticks

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I used to play Pick Up Sticks with my cousin in the late seventies. I absolutely loved the game. For reasons I can't explain, it thrilled me. My older cousin owned the game and being a rather mean and vindictive girl at the time, limited the times that I could play—even if she wasn't playing with it. God forbid, if I actually beat her. Whenever I visited, we would have incredibly competitive matches. I'm surprised our games weren't televised replete with sports commentators. The times that I was victorious over her were few and far between (as with all shy beings, learning how to exert oneself and the coordination of motor skills was a bit of a journey) but every victory was indeed sweet and worthy of that extra jubilant lap around the track.


  1. Thanks for reminding me about Pick Up Sticks - I haven't thought about these in a long time. My brother had something that I don't remember the exact name of - it might be Connect-O-Straws. There were straws with little plastic things that you attach them to. I'm not good at explaining stuff.

  2. How I loved Pick Up Sticks. I still feel like playing with them. :)

    PS: That was a great explanation!


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