Sunday, September 10, 2006


Happy Days was as much a fun part of my childhood as it was a detrimental force. Detrimental, because I adapted the show's unique phraseology into my world--so much so that to this day, I find myself saying things like "nutso" or "a-mundo". When I was little I actually thought "sit on it" sounded cool. I even had a crush on "Potsie". Will I ever live that down? I never realized back then, that actors in their late twenties and thirties were portraying teenagers, so naturally I assumed teenagers to look older in real life. There were lots of good things about the show which was why I remained fixed to the television whenever an episode aired. And I watched even after Fonzie "jumped the shark" and even during the Joanie Loves Chachi years (really), right until the end of the series. No matter how ridiculous the plots became. Whatever mark it left on me, it's still there. My blue Fonzie purse (purchased in 1982) can attest to that.

This clip is for Sean!


  1. OMG! Chelly, I can't believe I forgot to mention this--Fonzi was my first "hoodlum" lol I was totally in love with him when watching these re-runs in the 5th grade. Oh the Fonz, the love we shared! (now I can't believe I felt that way, look at poor Henry Winkler NOW!

  2. There's nothing like your first "hoodlum" love!

    PS: Look at Potsie now! Hee hee! :)

  3. Chelly and Potsy sittin' in a tree...

    I loved Happy Days! I was a Fonz girl as well.

  4. Jody you made me laugh this morning!! That was so funny! :)

  5. Happy days is easily the greatest sicom of all time! Wa, wa, wa.

  6. Hiya Captain Corky! I totally forgot about "Wa Wa Wa"!! That show had some of the funniest lines. :)


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