Monday, September 04, 2006

The Elusive Ones

In every child's life, there are always those precious few toys that can never be attained, no matter how much you behave, beg or grovel for them. The three elusive toys that I recall the most from my childhood are listed below:

In fifth grade, I desperately wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. Most of my friends had them and would bring them to class in full proud parent mode: boasting, showing off their outfits, feeding them etc. My Mum sincerely thought the dolls to be hideous and disturbing. In other words, they freaked her out but bless her heart she tried to find one for me. It was to no avail as masses of Cabbage Patch dolls sold out early to the pushier and greedier elements of society. Hysteria was all the rage. So I had to do without. Looking back, I chuckle and tend to agree with Mum: they were a tad freaky.

I still want one though.

My Kindergarten class had a pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I remember eying them closely, wishing that I perchance could take them home. No one would notice right? Thankfully, I decided against such a move. Sadly, my parents once again bypassed another toy that wasn't as aesthetically pleasing to them—in this case too raggedy. Go figure.

The Care Bears had this hypnotic effect on me. I was completely mesmerized by them. I'd watch the cartoons during my severe asthma days and escaped my breathing fits by jumping into their ridiculously loving world. Besides they were cute and fuzzy. I never received them either. Life, eh?

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