Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Facts of Life

Thankfully I'm not referring to that overly traumatic time when parents and teachers start spewing out guidance on birds and bees and such...I'll write about that horror another time. This post instead refers to that occasionally traumatic (or cheesy) series featuring Natalie, Tootie, Blair, Jo and I think at one point even Pippa. I watched The Facts of Life faithfully during its run. Even during the plump years and even when Mrs. Garrett left (and a bevy of characters were added to take her place) and even when poor storylines could no longer sustain why the series was still on air, I watched. It was a part of my childhood so I had to see it through. This was before any of us ever knew that Lisa Welchel was such a freak, mind you.

The first season's theme song was intriguing:

The second season was a little better:

The series is airing in Canada once again and does it ever take me back.


  1. Ok Chelly you've done it now :( That takes me back too... I watched it all the time. I wish it was coming on here... but I haven't seen it in years! How many seasons did it run?

    Gotta go be sad now-lol

  2. My sister and I faithfully watched this show (even up to when George Clooney was on it)

    And speaking of the other "Facts of Life" I'm still waiting for my Mother to talk to me about them.

  3. Jackie: There are several clips on YouTube! And according to wikipedia the series ran from August 24, 1979 to May 7, 1988. Now that's a long time!

    D.Prince: You know what, my mum has never gave me the talk either. But my middle school teachers made up for that by traumatizing our class with a series of classes devoted to the topic.

    Oh and I remember George from the series too. He was cute as usual.

  4. Darnit! George Clooney was on it?? I never realized that. And d-My mother still hasn't given ME 'the talk' either... I must discuss this with her. haha


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