Saturday, September 30, 2006

Inspector Gadget

My brother and I used to watch Inspector Gadget before school weekday mornings. Mind you we could only watch fifteen minutes of it (before we were shoved out the door to make it in time for school), never knowing how an episode actually ended (that was saved for a later date when the show would air on a weekend or something). It was always a bit of solace before the long, tedious walk to school. Some of my middle school years were miserable, so any comfort I could get was welcome. There's something about a mediocre guy who relies on a brilliant dog, his niece and loads of gadgets to get through the day, and still gets celebrated (as the plots went) that's just intriguing to a kid.


  1. Inspector Gadget! Pretty cool. The theme song got stuck in my head, and I am always (to this day), making up silly things like "Go Go Gadget idiot pulverizer" (etc... well that was just an example) :-)

  2. That's funny! :) It's true about that song, it can get stuck in your head and never leave!


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