Sunday, September 17, 2006

Linus and His Security Blanket

In my opinion Charles M. Schulz was a master on all things childhood.


  1. So true!! I love all things Schultz... I am partial to Schroeder, the Pianist... since I play too, but I love Snoopy, and I own all of the 'holiday hits' on DVD. I have to watch them and remember the good ole days when we were all 'little' and there was magic in everything we did.

  2. Anonymous9/18/2006

    Linus has always been my favourite Peanuts character. It takes a lot of self to hold on to that blankie.

  3. I agree the Peanuts gang brought about a certain magic that was not only enjoyable but healing. Linus was one of my faves too. Schulz introduced so many adult concepts to kids (security blanket etc.) which is fitting because kids feel the same things too.

  4. Yep-Kids definitely know and sense more than you ever realize. I know I did! ha-ha.


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