Monday, October 02, 2006

Fifty Six Years Ago

Fifty-six years ago today (October 2, 1950) the Peanuts gang began appearing daily in newspapers. The strip above was the first ever Peanuts comic strip. Sadly many papers don't carry the strip (which ended when Schulz died in 2000) anymore. Below is a pic of the last daily Peanuts comic:


  1. It hurts doesn't it? Charles M. Schulz was such a huge part of my childhood too. It gives me a lump in my throat to read that last strip.

  2. He was great... yup... Missin ya. I know you say you update when inspiration hits, but i'm so inpatient hee hee.

    I was thinking on other shows I loved, and I most loved "Three's Company" and "Happy Days" I guess, but do you remember a show called "Head of the Class??" that was cool, and I also loved "Fame (i'm gonna live foreverrr!!)" The show and the movie-
    Later :)

  3. You are so very sweet Aunt Jackie! I just posted to entries for you!

    I remember all of those shows and I enjoyed them all. I just saw one of those E Hollywood stories on Head of the Class. Talk about 80s memories!! :)


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