Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Romantic Crayons

As a child, I used to pair up my crayons, giving them intense romances and intricate relationships. I also did this for numbers and letters of the alphabet. Each colour, number and letter would possess distinct emotions and personality traits. The crayons however, being the only tangible entity of the lot were far more intriguing.

Red and Pink would always fight over Green. Green, it should be told, tended to favor the more demure Pink, over the saucy diva and resident tart, Red. When different shades of green came into the picture, well then it was nothing short of pandemonium for the female of the species. The Greens were handsome devils and they knew it. Blue favored Violet, even though Purple lusted after him. It was because she was darker and she made her disgust over this slight well known.

Sometimes, something would happen that would shake everything up.

Yellow or Orange would sashay over and bewitch the Greens and Blues and the Browns (who I've forgotten to mention were the motorcycle riding, get your hands dirty type of fellows). There was just something different about these Yellows and Oranges that were sexually appealing and exotic to the men of the Crayon World. These lasses broke the mold of beauty set by the Reds, Pinks and Violets and shook the world around them. And lastly there's the story of Black and his lady White. But I won't talk about that here. It's far too passionate and exciting. The panting alone would take time to explain.

The post above was the first entry in my personal weblog.


  1. Remember how wonderful a new box of Crayons smelled! I associate my childhood with smells sometimes. To this day I still get sick to my stomach when I enter a school and smell lunch cooking. I hated eating at school..funny huh!

  2. Oh man, the smell of new crayons--that was the best. Playdough smelled wonderful too. I agree with you most school lunches smell horrible (I think they come close to hospital lunches).

    I associate many moments in childhood with smells too. Like the pages of a book they you've reread, your mum's perfume etc...Thanks for sharing Nana! :)

  3. I have to say Chelly, that was a fantastic post! The crayon thing is so imaginitive! As an artist, I enjoy analyzing what children do with different colors and the way they portray things in drawings, but this is so cool, it shows how you feel about each of the colors too!! By the way, i'm going to link your "however" blog on my sidebar... Love this!! I see my sister has infiltrated your perimeter-haha Vick!!

  4. Thank you Aunt Jackie!! I'm so glad you liked the post. I used to pair up numbers as well (romantically). Hee hee. I guess I always wanted every thing around me to be paired up and have romances. Ha ha! :)

    I've been meaning to add you to my However blog as well. I haven't updated it in awhile. But I just added you to the sidebar as well! So hooray!

    Your sister seems lovely, just like you! Cheers!

  5. Jackie, being the country girl she was...used to marry her chickens!!!!! She would wait until my girls, Stacey and Kristie would come to visit, then she would have the wedding! Since her siblings were all older than her she was like an only child. She had such a great imagination. She made honest hens by marrying them all. Just not enough roosters to go around!

  6. The chickens had a few weddings, Ralph and Pete (which was a girl, and yes I named all the chickens)-but the big wedding was between the Geese--remember stacey and I even made a big mud and seed wedding cake for them.

  7. Nana and Aunt Jackie:

    I love that story! Thank you for telling me! I always wanted to grow up on a farm. If I lived near you back then I would have helped you make those cakes for the wedding. I used to love making mud pies!! That would have been so much fun!! :)


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