Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Davey and Goliath

Davey and his dog Goliath

I used to watch Davey and Goliath each weekend during the Sunday morning cartoon frenzy. The series brought me a great sense of comfort--claymation features always did, for some reason. The comfort factor had a lot to do with how the characters looked and spoke. There was this light and airy feel about them. To this day, my brother can do a wonderful impersonation of Goliath, Davey's faithful dog (who sounds like a slow witted old man). I tended to get nervous on Sunday's--the day before a new school week began--and the cartoon eased my nerves.

The series was popular in my home because the Christian theme was something we understood. My mother was a pastor's daughter (and never let us forget it) who at times was a bit it was something that was "safe" to watch and to our relief something we actually enjoyed watching. I was too young to understand the morals and faith based agenda of the series but that wasn't why I watched. I just loved the characters and some of the stories they were involved in were fantastic. The episode where Davey gets trapped in an abandoned mine was my favorite. You can view clips of that episode here. There are some gorgeous black and white pics of the series here.

And last but not least, there have been countless spoofs of the series but my favorite has to be The Simpson's "Gravey and Jobriath". Classic:

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