Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends south of the border, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. lol WKRP was so great... and Les Nessman... he's a goof! At work, we always joke like our "cubicles" have an imaginary door and pretend we're knocking like he used to make people

    Thanks Chelly! I had a good TG, and i'm 'stuffed'!!

  2. Heya AJ! I was just at your blog! I'm so glad you had a lovely thanksgiving! You must tell me sometime what the traditions are in the States during Thanksgiving weekend. Is it traditional to pick out a Christmas tree this weekend? Well, that's what they did on Ugly Betty last night! I love family oriented traditions.

    WKRP was one of my all time faves! And yes, Les Nessman was the man. I know what you mean about the cubicles! I do that too! Ha ha! I also have trouble saying Chihuahua's (sp) because of him. :)

  3. Well, tradition is that there is no specific tradition-hehe. Some people start stringing up lights and throwing up a tree (eww) even before Thanksgiving can get over with, and then there are those (like my Mother) who always puts it all up only a few days before Christmas (which used to drive me insane when I was 'little').
    Now, I understand her pain! :D
    I got your e-mail... thx! I will reply back soooooon!


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