Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Snowman

It's getting colder everyday and in some parts of the country there's even snow. Not here though...not yet. That's alright, while we wait we can discuss a lovely story that'll definitely get us into the wintery mood:

The Snowman (1978) is a book by British author/illustrator Raymond Briggs that was later (in 1982) adapted into a widely successful animated film. How can one describe "The Snowman"? In a word, breathtaking. I think it's safe to say that both the story and the film render one into a trance-like state. From the animation (illustrations), to the story and even to the gentle score by Howard Blake playing in the background, there's nothing forgettable about "The Snowman".

Click here to listen to The Snowman theme (instrumental)

The Story: On a winter's day, a little boy called James awakes to discover that a blanket of fresh fallen snow has covered the landscape surrounding his home. Thrilled, James rushes outside, as most children would do to build a snowman. After a day of merrymaking with the snow, James falls fast asleep only to awaken in the middle of the night with thoughts of his snowman fresh on his mind. James leaps out of bed, through the back door and surprisingly finds that The Snowman has indeed come to life! The young lad and his snow-friend then rush off to experience an incredible and magical adventure together.

Click here for the Father Christmas intro and
here for the David Bowie intro to this holiday classic.

Raymond Briggs also authored "Father Christmas" another spellbinding book but I will discuss more about that in a later post.

Update: 30 years later in 2012, a sequel to the original short called "The Snowman and The Snowdog" was released and also published in book format.



  1. Chelly this one of my favorite stories ever. Snowmen make me a little sad though. I bought my first grandson the book, movie and a plush snowman. You really did enjoy CHILDHOOD didn't you?

  2. Thank you Nana! I did enjoy Childhood. So nice to chat with you again! There's always a bit of sadness with Snowmen isn't there?

  3. I added a small clip from YouTube!


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