Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Cosmic Christmas

Who remembers a cartoon called "A Cosmic Christmas"? It was produced by the Canadian company Nelvana and first aired in 1977. It's not always broadcast at Christmastime but once in awhile the network gods will air it and what memories it brings back. A definite piece of nostalgia for those who grew up watching it. Here's a brief synopsis of the storyline from the Big Cartoon Database:

A small town is immersed in holiday season festivities. A small boy named Peter and Lucy, his pet goose, are suddenly confronted by three aliens (wise men) investigating the real meaning of Christmas. For 2,000 years the alien visitors have been searching the universe for the significance of a brilliant star. Peter realizes that it is the Star of Bethlehem, and he and Lucy lead the way. It's a difficult journey, but it changes the town as it (along with the travelers) discovers the meaning of Christmas. Young and old, rich and poor participate in the rediscovery of the meaning of Christmas, which the space visitors carry away with them.

Bless those folks on YouTube because we can watch it again:

Click to view: Part 2, Part 3

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