Saturday, December 09, 2006

Everybody Was A Shepherd Once

I miss the days of putting on Christmas plays and pageants for the masses who would huddle in gymnasiums or church pews just to see frightened little kids put on a show.

These were not professional theatrics by any means, as could be evidenced by our humble costume departments and set designs—most of which consisted of items we brought from home (old robes, newspapers, pipes, hats, old table cloths, our parents' clothes, fake mustaches etc.). Now that I think of it, they worked us hard: we had to memorize countless Biblical verses, practice dozens of carols and recite passages from T'was the Night Before Christmas. I even remember the little cue cards I kept with me, all highlighted with orange marker so I could tell when it was my turn. I was a horribly nervous child but liked being part of the team, which made it all worthwhile and after all, it was Christmas.

Goodness, the smell of the auditorium, the buzz of the families watching, the over excited performers (who would giggle far more than was necessary), that's what it was all about. Funny, as an adult you don't get the same feeling again. It's never like when you were a kid.


  1. It be great if we could always see Christmas through a child's eyes? I am going to my oldest grand son's program tomorrow night. He is playing the recorder!!! Not very well I might add! But that is is Christmas. (o:

  2. I wasn't a shepherd... but I do remember playing an "Elf" in a school Christmas play one year. I think I had a stomach virus shortly after.
    Funny now thinking that I don't have nearly as many stomach viruses as I did in Elementary School... kids are just germs with legs!!

  3. AJ you were a germ with legs too...always letting other kids drink out of your milk. You made us all sick!!!!

  4. Nana: I remember those recorder days very well! It was in sixth grade. We were horrible too. Thankfully we didn't have to perform for others. I got grief from the family just from practising at home! :) You know what the song was? A Hard Day's Night by the Beatles!

    I hope you have fun with your grandson, I'm sure he'll give you all a good time with his performance.

    AJ: Kids are germs with legs. It takes one sneeze and then everyone gets it. So you liked sharing your milk eh? :)

  5. Seamus is going to be a shepherd for the first time, I can't wait!

  6. Jody you must tell us all about it! I'd love to hear how it goes! Good luck to him. :)


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