Friday, December 08, 2006

John Lennon 1940-1980

"You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are.
You are what you are! "

Who can forget that day so long ago? I was still in elementary school but I vividly remember the news footage being repeated over and over. There was so much hurt it seemed, over one man's death. There still is. Sleep well John.


  1. My favorite Christmas song is "SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS"...was listening to it on that radio blog site you suggested. Thanks for mentioning it. Guess I am giving away my age..Beatles became famous when I was a teen!!! Merry Christmas Chelly

  2. So This is Christmas is one of my faves too Nana. Oh man, it must have been wonderful to have been a teen during those years! Merry Xmas too you to Nana!! :)

  3. Yeah the 60's were really alot of fun. The music was awesome. There was so much history made back then..some good and some bad. I lived in Memphis at the time Martin Luther King was was so awful. I was really into the Beatles too...not Elvis.."Thank you very much" (0; Vickie

  4. I'm a big Beatles fan too (although I do like a few of Elvis' songs).

    I love hearing stories from the sixties. You must have some lovely tales to tell. The styles/fashions/dances from then were cool too. The hairdo's especially!! :)

  5. I was the queen of should see my senior picture! Yes we wore bell bottoms..hip huggers and funny shoes...hey wait that sounds like the fashions today!!!! My mom still has some of my clothes. That was when the micro mini skirt was in style. I also had a naro suit...she still has that one too!!!! Wow time really flies (o:

  6. Nana! I want to see those pics! Yes they do sound like today's styles. I loved those styles. Did ya wear those micro minis too? That must have been fun!


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