Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper, it's one of the better parts of the holiday season. Sure it's fun to rip it apart but just sitting there and looking at those lovely papered packages (while also cradling and sniffing know the score...) is joy in and of itself.

My family always had those papers of green with the red pointsettias and also the red ones with either Santa fully decked out in his gear or with illuminated green christmas trees. We never had those expensive papers that looked silky smooth. Ours was the cheaper fare bought from the corner store but nonetheless brilliant.
Images: via eBay


  1. I love wrapping paper, but I can't wrap worth a flip!! My sister, who is a postal employee, she wraps beautifully... but you just can't get the presents open!! haha. -AJ

  2. I sucked big time at wrapping gifts, until I hit my twenties that is. Then, as if by magic, I figured out how to wrap in a more civilized way. Prior to that it was just far too embarrassing to have anyone see my wrapped gifts in public.


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