Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friendship Pins

Friendship Pins were popular among girls in the early 80s (and I think in the late 70s, as well). They were basically saftey pins with bright colored beads threaded onto them which were then fastened onto one's shoelaces. Girls would make them for their friends, as gifts. A sign of social status, the more pins you owned, the more friends you had. The colours of each bead, had its own meaning. Although, I can't remember which colour stood for which trait. I stored all of my beads in old, empty film bottles (remember those, the ones that film spools came in). I still have my beads, although the pins have gone missing.

I remember the first time I wore them on my shoes, it was heaven because I wanted to be part of the fad so much. Also, the beads looked like candy and simply made me happy.

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  1. Hey, I've seen them. Well after my childhood, but I do know about them.

  2. I loved friendship pins!!!

    I introduced them to a whole new generation when we made them at my son's birthday party as a craft. The kids loved them.

  3. Anonymous1/28/2007

    Yayyy!!! I used to do those... We had the big fad at my school too... Mine looked alot different, but I think i still have some at Mom's.

  4. I think it's amazing how it's still a popular craft to do nowadays. The websites devoted to it have patterns and all!

  5. Anonymous2/16/2007

    Hey! Such cute looking Designer safety pins!!U guys must have looked really great with them

  6. Anonymous3/06/2007

    U reminded me of my was indeed beautiful...and these pins are so cute :) post few more!

  7. Thank you Robert and Emmie. I found the pics via Google b/c I never took any snapshots of my own. :(

    Glad you liked them! Cheers. :)

  8. I only had 2 of them and never really wore them. I actually still have them and was looking at them for the first time in at least 15 years a couple of months ago.


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