Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get Well Aunt Jackie!

Our Aunt Jackie's having a root canal today. We're sending you good vibes AJ, hurry back soon!

Get Well Soon Graphics


  1. Ohh!! I love the last three posts... Partridge family re-runs are the greatest-haven't seen any in a while... I loved the PacMan family, but only got to play them at my sister Nana's... and finally, so sweet your wishes... I can't tell if i'm in pain yet, I have dribbleface.

  2. Thanks AJ. I love the Partridges too!

    Hope you get over the dribble face soon! :)

    PS: Nice profile pic!

  3. Ack. Root canal. My mouth is aching in sympathy!

  4. Anonymous1/25/2007

    hee hee... I've survived. Thanks so much for the sweet words you guys are tops!


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