Friday, January 19, 2007

If You Use Your Head, You'll Always Win

Image Source: Classic TVO Kid Shows

There's a MySpace tribute page to The Edison Twins. Really.

Now that in itself speaks volumes to the lasting power of that little CBC show which began in 1982 and was later given a revival on the Disney Channel in the States. In a nutshell, the show's about a pair of twins (and their mischievous little brother Paul) who use their science prowess to solve problems. It was actually pretty good and I think it boasts one of the more memorable theme songs ever. The lyrics:

Just kids tryin' to do what they should.
They're growing up in a neighbourhood.
Oh they're up the street and around the bend, They're called the Edison Twins.
Every day is a different trial, but they pull through with a lot of style.
Always getting out of trouble that they get in. Life with the Edison Twins.
And if you use your head you'll always win. You know the Edison Twins.
No two days are quite the same. Life is just a learning game.
And if you use your head you'll always win. Just like the Edison Twins.
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Classic TVO Kids Shows

Watch the Opening Theme:

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