Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poems and Rhymes

This was my most favourite book growing up.
Volume One of the Childcraft Children's Encyclopedia set 1976 edition. I spent hours reading it and the artwork in this volume is amazing.

I loved my Childcraft Encyclopedia set so much that when I got caught for smoking in Grade 1 (yes Gr. 1) my parents took them away from me for a week instead of my bike.

I have no idea what happened to my set but a few years ago I tracked one down on Ebay.

Mint condition all 12 Volumes for $40. Best purchase ever!

You gotta love that Ebay.


  1. I never had one of those as sets as a kid. Sounds wonderful. We had the "New Book of Knowledge" set.

    Smoking in grade one, eh? That would have made you six. You beat my mum then, in the "how young were you when you got caught smoking" contest. She was eight when her parents caught her smoking a cigar.

  2. That will be my next post!


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