Saturday, January 20, 2007

Aunt Jackie

Fortunately for us, Aunt Jackie's here to share stories from her childhood! Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Aunt Jackie's one of the coolest gals around. As a daughter, sister, aunt, artist, musician and motorcycle mama, she may look like all grown up but don't let that fool you, the lovely southern lass is a kid at heart. An avid blogger, Aunt Jackie's "Deep in the Forrest" and Just Jax share some heartbreakingly beautiful memories. Her words will make you laugh, cry and give you some hope.

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  1. Pass the cornbread.

    Welcome Aunt Jackie!

  2. Cornbread's awesome! So is Aunt Jackie! :)

  3. Anonymous1/21/2007

    Awwww man!! I love Chocolate cake too... gives me a big bad idea for a future post it does ;) I'll save that one for a surprise :D

  4. Anonymous1/21/2007

    Oh and don't make light of cornbread, after you taste my Mother's you'll slap your own mama ;)

  5. Slap my own mama! LOL!! Well if you pass it on down honey, then I'll share it with my mama! :)

  6. Anonymous1/21/2007

    Great Idea!! I'll share recipes every once in a while (that I can get out of my mama) ;0

    To share here so everyone can get a dose of my childhood (and the stuff that fattened me on up) lol!

  7. I had forgotten everything I said right here... wow. I need to get my butt in gear!


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