Thursday, January 25, 2007


Shelly is not only a public librarian, writer, photographer, toy collector and comics enthusiast, she's also an avid blogger and a passionate chocolate lover hailing from New York City. Her aptly titled blog Cyber Chocolate is but one of her gems. Shelly is author to a host of other wonderful blogs, one of which: The View From Here was once deemed a Blogger "Blog of Note".

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  1. Thanks for the welcome! And the box of chocolates. :)

    Just looking at the sidebar photos here so far, I think I'll be driving the memories back a decade or so. I don't have pics of me before my teens that are in color. heh

  2. Shelly, you'll just class the place up. We're so happy you could come! And can't wait to hear your take on childhood! :)

  3. Wow, you're fast. I think I just saw my photo go up as I was scrolling! ;)

    And thanks for the kind words, and for the invite.

  4. Anonymous1/25/2007

    All this cake and chocolate, we're gonna get HEFFTTYYYY!! :)

    Welcome Shelly!!! This is really fun.

  5. Chelly, meet Shelly.

    Shelly, meet Chelly.

    Now let's all watch some childhood telly.

    Yeah, my poetry is really smelly.

  6. An addition to your poem:

    Let's all buy a brand new Welly!
    And style our hair with lots of gelly.

    And a new poem:

    MJ meet AJ.
    AJ meet MJ.
    Then something, Cool J...

    Oh goodness, I win the SMELLY poet award. Yay!

  7. Thanks for the welcome, AuntJackie. And cyber chocolate is fat-free. ;)

    MJ, rhymes aside, Chelly and I have been reading each other's blogs for a while now, but I don't recall which of us found the other's first. Chelly, do you remember?

  8. Shelly: I think it was over a post I did on my blog about those old neighbourhood knife-sharpeners. Men who actually came equipped with carts while ringing bells (in an attempt to alert folks that they would sharpen their knives). And I think you said you remembered them too. Was it over that post? I'll have to double check to make sure!

  9. hmmm.... Maybe. I remember saying something about knife sharpeners and we had milk deliveries, too.


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