Saturday, February 10, 2007

Coffee Talk

Originally Written by me
December 21, 2004

Steaming, hot Coffee--I can dress it up any way I like it and it's fine, sometimes great! But to drink it black, no added frills just pure and wonderful, that's another story...

It was the middle of winter. My neice, Kristie (two years my junior) was visiting as I guess it was either a weekend or a time when we didn't have school. We were up to our usual mystery-seeking, thrill-finding adolescent activities.

Back then, my parents were still performing the old-fashioned rituals that went along with growing and raising your own food. The time had come to kill one of the hogs, and then of course, use it for sausage and the like. I remember clearly, the large, black cauldron (much like the stereotype of a witch's pot). The fire burned hot underneath it, heating the water until it was hot enough. I don't know much about this, but I remember that you have to boil them--boil the hair off before finalizing this grizzly task. Surely we witnessed more on that day, but i'm not fond of remembering such details. Curiously, sometimes I equate the experience with the fact that I am not a fan of Pork--don't really eat the stuff.

There was something fond to remember, however. My father had a shed that sat in the back yard. Made out of the trailer of an 18-wheeler (my father was a truck driver), it was fashioned into a 'tool shed', and was filled with many of my dad's gadgets and hobby-related items.

Kristie and I had decided this was where we would 'hide out' from the slaughter. It was an all-day event, and we listened to an old radio, covered in dust that was housed there (Dad wasn't nearly as much the music buff that Mom was) while we drank the delicious coffee. Hour after hour, we drank black coffee (no sugar, no cream-the only way Mom ever drinks it), and talked like we were 40 years old. The coffee was hot and soothing, while we ignored the cold and brutal events going on outside.

Childhood is another planet, isn't it? One that promises the opposite of all that is bad on Earth. We made it anything we wanted it to be. But it was always, most assuredly a planet that was perfect... at least then, at least in our minds.


  1. Absolutely, I agree. Childhood is another planet. And you can make it whatever you want to, despite all else that's going on around you. I often had many such moments of escape. It's those moments that sort of define who you are, your creativity etc.

    That coffee sounds good AJ. I usually escaped with chocolate milk which I pretended was coffee (and sometimes Postum)! :)

  2. Nothing like having plain black coffee with my Mom. She always grounds me... That day, it was an escape from the cold cruel winter for me and Kristie.


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