Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Couple of Cards

Not much to say right now, but I thought I'd share a couple of images. I was taking some photos, mostly of my new action figures, and decided to take some shots of some old stuff. These were among the cards my mother saved. My father had given me her shoebox of cards a couple of years ago. The first is the earliest card I saw from me in the box, a store-bought beauty from c.1958-60, since I was able to scrawl my name inside.

This next one was the earliest handmade card in the box, from me. My drawing has improved since then, as has my awareness of anatomy. This looks like early-'60s, though it could be a tad earlier. I didn't date the thing.

And this is a rare pic with hands drawn in. There's a whole psychological interpretation about kids not drawing hands in pics meaning all sorts of things, but I usually drew hands in pockets because, as you can see, I had a hard time mastering fingers and I hated imperfection in my art, even back then.


  1. The card you bought for your mother is so pretty. It's cool that you've kept it intact. My mum still has the first Mother's Day gift we bought for her too. I'll post a pic up of that sometime.

    Love the artwork Shelly! I used to draw hands like that too but feet were more problematic for me. I never knew what position to place them. I usually opted for the heel to heel motif.

  2. My mother kept all the cards she got over the years. My father gave me the ones that were from me last year. My sister got the ones from her. I cleaned out the box and kept a few choice ones. That was one of them.

    Heel to heel, huh? Isn't that one of the ballet positions? :)


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