Thursday, February 08, 2007


I used to live near a golf course when I was a kid. There was a six foot fence around it to keep us out. We’d tunnelled under the fence so we could sneak in and play there. It was a brilliant place, hills, streams of water, sand traps, bushes and trees. There was only one problem, the greenkeeper.

He hated us and would chase us off whenever he saw us.

Escape was difficult as only one person could get under the fence at a time. A dozen kids take a while to get out and usually the last two or three got caught. They’d get a clip round the ear for their trouble

Winter was the best, we took sledges over there and sailed down the slopes in the snow. God knows what damage we did the greens.

We were kids and never thought about that.


  1. In our neighbourhood there was a run down old house that caught the fascination of neighbouring kids. It never seemed like anyone lived there, and there were cool bits of furniture, piping etc. on the lawn always. The kids often tried to investigate but as if by magic, guard dogs would appear out of no where and there would be a mad dash to run away. I don't ever recall seeing the folks that lived there.

    BTW, there's nothing like sliding down a snowy slope in winter.

  2. Sounds like the perfect place to play in snow. Bet it was fun!


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