Monday, February 05, 2007

Grandma, is That You?

A reposting, slightly edited.

A friend of mine once told me that while she was growing up, her grandmother would often roam topless in their home. I was horrified when I heard this, mainly because an uninvited mental image was instantly placed inside my brain and also because both of my grandmothers were quite opposite in their choice of dress, always. My friend, (who kept chuckling at my expression) revealed that her family, which also included her granddad and mother, were “used to” seeing her that way, and were never really phased by the sight of the shirtless and braless granny.

I’d need therapy.


  1. Anonymous2/05/2007

    I saw my grandmother stepping out of the bathtub once on accident... yes, traumatic. She was large chested, and of course they were down to her waist-and she sported a nice 'hamburger-sized' mole atop her left one... I was not a happy camper lol

  2. You killed me. My sides, they're splitting.

    My dad had/has man boobs, so I understand.


  3. I also had the unfortunate experience of having to witness my Grandma's (she was Nanny to me) very large and extremely flattened ta-tas.

    It seriously was traumatic. The funny part was that she flashed me on purpose, I remember not believing what I was seeing and then instantly feeling grateful that I was small chested.

  4. Jody that is too funny! And she did it on purpose!! Hugs are being sent your way asap. :)


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