Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Memories from Valentine's Days past come to mind. One of which stems from grade school when our teachers would provide each student with a class list, so that we could write up valentines for every one of our classmates. That was a brilliant idea, that way no one got left out and each student ended up with the same amount of valentines. Remember what Charlie Brown had to go through?

I loved making valentines but the store bought ones were equally exciting. Remember the ones with the perforations? They were beautifully illustrated and written. Those were such great times.

Speaking of Charlie Brown, I bought the exact copy of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, shown below, from Scholastic books in 1980. I carried the book with me everywhere and re-read its pages cover to cover, constantly comparing it to the animated version.

A different cover for the same book:

To this day, whenever Valentine's Day approaches, it's a memory that instantly comes to mind. I loved every bit of the story: the hopes, the heartbreak, the candy, the valentines, the unrequited love...

"I spent all my money. I made a fool of myself. [He begins throwing chocolates off the bridge and out of sight] This one is for love! And this one is for Valentine's! This one is for romance! This one is for Elizabeth Barrett Browning! This is for "How do I love thee!" This is for..." - Linus van Pelt

There was a second Peanuts valentines special called A Charlie Brown Valentine, it was produced after Charles M. Schulz's death in 2000. The original is alot better but you can still view this latter version on You Tube.

Have a good one everybody!


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