Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Photographic Memories

I thought I'd share some photos. This first one is the mess kit my father used in the Navy, circa 1944.
14Feb2007 041
And here's his Navy cap. Which barely sits on my head. It's amazing it stayed on his, skinny thing that he was back then.
14Feb2007 097

Next is my grandmother, probably in 1961, but maybe 1963 (we had big snowfalls both years), enjoying a sunny day post-snowfall. She's the one who made those sugar cookies I blogged here about.
Snowfall in Queens 1961

The next one is the tea set my parents got either as an engagement or wedding gift. I'd wanted it since I was old enough to talk. ;) My father gave it to me after my mother died.
14Feb2007 048

Oh, and here's a pic of my white go-go boots! They look beat up because I wore them everywhere, even in the snow, and they were decidedly NOT waterproof. They pretty much fell apart. This (very much cropped) pic is from 1966.


  1. What a treat! Thanks for posting those Shelly. They're all so beautiful but I think my fave is the one of your grandmother reading the paper amid all the snow. That's awesome.

    PS: nice boots!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, Chelly. I was off today and with the snow and freezing rain, stayed in and played with my camera. Those are the result. My grandmother pic is a digital shot of a copy of the original!


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