Monday, February 19, 2007

Saturday morning TV

I was clicking randomly through Wikipedia earlier, and found myself at the entry for David Bowie. I like some of his stuff, unlike a friend of mine, Ness, who's an avid fan of everything Bowie. The one thing I will forever associate him with, however, is Saturday morning television.

September 3rd, 1983, was a Saturday. It wasn't just any normal weekend, though. Not only was it one day before my 8th birthday, it was the day my sister and I would be on a television show. We had tickets to be in the audience of The Saturday Show, a weekly television programme filmed in the Midlands, where we lived, and shown across the UK. It ran from 1982-1984, and was hosted by Tommy Boyd and Isla St Clair, and had guests as huge as David Hasselhoff on there. The Knight Rider himself - to me back then, you couldn't get anyone more famous than that.

That Saturday morning, my sister and I went out with my Mum to Birmingham - first to East exchange, where my Dad worked at the time to say hi, and then to the Central television studios. To be in the audience on the show, you had to be 8 years old. With me one day away from my 8th birthday, and Steph not even 7 until December, Mum said that if anyone asked, I was just about to turn 9, and Steph was 8. No-one asked, of course. Parents had to sit separate from the kids, so Mum went off to sit in the adults section, whilst Steph and I were shepherded to the main audience. The seats consisted of tiered steps. I remember the set was blue, and it was hot under the lighting.

The show kicked off, and there was much excitement. I remember dancing to the theme tune. When it came to the weekly music video section of the show, they played Paul Young's Come Back and Stay, closely followed by David Bowie's new release, Modern Love. We watched the videos on overhead screens. Scrolling messages appeared underneath the videos as they played, and as I watched, there under David Bowie's feet my name scrolled past wishing me happy birthday. I couldn't have been more awed and starstruck - my name, on national TV.

Somewhere, my parents have a Betamax video tape of Steph and I in the audience on the show, me spinning in a circle clutching a balloon as the overhead camera pans past me.

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  1. Too bad you couldn't upload that video. Must have been sweet to see your name on TV!

    PS: Hasselhoff was huge for me back then too. For his Knight Rider stint of course and not his singing. :)


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