Saturday, February 17, 2007

A short walk with grandad

My maternal grandfather lived in Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. I only got to see him maybe once a year when we came over from England for a holiday. He was a lovely man and like to spend time with us.

One afternoon he told us were going for a short walk to Ardnacrusha. Mum asked him if we'd be long and he told her it would only be about an hour.

We strolled along in knee high grass along the bank of the river shannon. I asked grandad what was at Ardnacrusha and he told me there was a power station there. Grandad gave us sweets as we went along, and we of course kept on asking the eternal question, are we nearly there yet? He kept telling us just around the next bend. This seemed to go on for ever. We did eventually get there, and it was worth the journey. It was a hydro electric power station and watching the water running down to bottom was incredible.

We headed home after that and somehow grandad got us all lost. We seemed to wander about for hours. It started to rain,it got dark, the grass was getting longer and we couldn't see where we were going. Eventually we came out on the road to Limerick and got home fairly quickly. My mum was frantic, we'd been gone for six hours. I remember her having a go at Grandad and asking him why he took us so far. He said it was only a short walk the last time he went. When was that my mum asked. Oh, about forty years ago he said.


  1. Nice post. There's nothing like getting sweets from your grandparents is there? I only knew one of my grandfathers and for a very short time at that. The little moments we did have were lovely.

  2. That's sweet.
    I love hearing my gradnparents tell me little stories.

    I agree with chelly, it's those moments rhat are s-p-e-c-i-a-l

  3. Thank you Ashley! I wish I knew when I was younger how special those moments would be down the road.

    Welcome and come back anytime. :)


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