Friday, February 16, 2007

Since birth

Meet Primrose.

On the day I was born, my Dad bought this... sheep, I think, and popped it in my crib. I've had her ever since, so she's a venerable 30+ years old now.

I don't know when I first named her, but for many years, she slept in my bed. She has a slight burn on her back leg where I stuffed her up against a lit bedroom lamp 'to keep her warm' when I was very young.

Nowadays, she sits at the top of my bed on the headboard.

Does anyone else have any cuddly lifelong companions?


  1. Primrose is lovely! It's awesome that you still have her. Unfortunately I don't have any of the dolls I had when I was little, let alone one from birth. How I wish I did.

  2. *goes off in search of Alvin, my pink bunny*

  3. Yep I sill have my cuddly teddy since birth. It still sits beside my bed. Its brown with orange paws and an orange muzzle. It has a black felt nose and a red felt tongue. Its eyes are plastic brown. It use to have a yellow ribbon but I lost it years ago.

  4. not in the bed, but there are stuffed Coca Cola Polar Bears to be found around my house, and my wife has tons of stuffed animals

  5. K_tigress: Your teddy sounds adorable.

    Ray: I love those Coca Cola bears!

  6. My cuddlies are long gone. I really don't remember any. I do remember a fascination with a coffee scoop (yes, cans of coffee used to come with these amazing little plastic scoops) from the time I was 2, but that's about it for early toy memories. I sure miss that scoop. :)

  7. a scoop can be speacial!
    and i can still see the petite bicycle which helped me learn cycling,a cute one with a coat of red paint,even with a small box at the back..7:)


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