Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I remember it vividly. Walking down the middle school hallway with my friends, a herd of us. We were giggling and talking, common traits amongst the pre-teen female species.

As far as I recall everything was fine, splendid infact. Then it happened.

I plummeted forward, landing on my face with arms and legs outstretched. I made a perfect horizontal line (or pancake) on the hallway floor. Not only did I fall but kept sliding forward once I hit the ground.

My horrified friends rushed over to help me up, gasping amid their "oohs" and "awws". The throng of males that were passing by found this event to be utterly delightful. Apparently, I had made their day.

I was deeply mortified and still have terrible flashbacks of the day I tripped over absolutely nothing.


  1. Oh Chelly,

    you are in good company.....you made me think of the day my underwear lost its elastic and fell completely off me as I walked ahead of two of the most obnoxious boys in our neighborhood. I kicked out of them and ran home...my mom went to get them for me......how she must have bit her tongue to keep from laughing then...i was devastated....but in later years we laughed until we cried about it.......you have very interesting blog....keep it up.

  2. Jinks that story is priceless!! My sides hurt after reading that. :) You know your experience reminded me of those paintings by Art Frahm where he depicted ladies in distress (ladies whose panties suddenly lost elasticity and fell to their feet)!

    So glad you came to visit! I like your blog too.


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