Saturday, February 24, 2007

Uncle John

When I was about nine I had my first driving lesson. Uncle John was my instructor. His job at the time was delivering milk door to door. He drove one of those electric milk floats that wakes you early in the morning with the clattering of bottles. He lived in Ireland so I only saw him on holidays.

My driving lesson began one day when uncle john turned up in the float, and myself and Pat clambered on board. He drove us around the estate for about twenty minutes or so and then asked me if I'd like to drive. Naturally I jumped at the chance and leapt into the driving seat. Uncle John showed me the pedal that made it go and the steering wheel to get round the corners. I drove off immediately brimming with confidence because I truly believed that uncle john was somehow controlling the float, He wasn't. I drove the full length of Shanabooly road at full speed, about twenty miles an hour, weaving in and out of the parked cars. Uncle John looked totally relaxed for the whole trip.

He's a lovely man and he's over ninety now.


  1. Loved that one.

    And you didn't even hit the parked cars (I know, I would have for sure).

  2. Thank you Tisha! So glad you could visit us. Come back anytime. Your blog is wonderful too!


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