Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine's Memories

With Valentine's Day approaching this week, I thought it appropriate to post up a few that I received back in Middle School. I'm surprised that they've managed to see the light of day, all these years later. Hopefully my elementary school valentines will one day resurface (they're still somewhere in my archives or chaotic pilings of stuff). Now those rocked! They were the vintage ones (link via Jody) that said things like "Bee Mine", or "You're Out of This World" or "I Cho-Choose You" etc. Here's a pic of some of the valentines I received in elementary school (affixed to the stereo door):

circa early 80s

There's nothing like receiving valentines when you're a little kid. Cinnamon heart candy doesn't hurt either!

The following were all given to me by my gal pals. I didn't receive any valentines from boys that year. I was not exactly a card-carrying member of any of the popular cliques in school and was in the midst of my Ronnie Corbett (bless his heart) phase. can only imagine. Not bloody likely! I was thrilled to receive these nonetheless:

This was made by "B". Ever the artist.

As you can tell, "L" made this one too. How I loved "Care Bears".

"S" gave this one to me. It wasn't homemade but it's classic.


  1. That is so sweet! I save all my valentines too!!

  2. Hello Ashley!

    I've always saved cards and trinkets that friends gave me. At one point I had to throw some of it out b/c there was just too much. Looking back, I wish I didn't! :)


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