Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bear and Sully

My grandma gave me and my cousin (who's only 5 days younger than me) two identical teddy bears when we were infants. Mine has been sitting on my bed for many years - still is. It lost its bow tie and the purple rucksack you could pull out from behind the big zipper in its back. Bear looks rather shabby and grey now. Its twin sits on the bed of my cousin - as good as new, white as snow. But real polar bears usually have quite dirty fur too, don't they? They certainly don't wear bow ties.

My friendship with the little dog was more of a phase. I had lots of plush toys, but this was the only one I ever gave a name: Sully. Named after Joe Lando's character in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Apparently we used to watch that show when I was a kid... I would never have guessed.

Grown-ups don't believe plush toys come alive at night, just because they're filled with cotton wool and don't have hearts. I used to promise my toys that I would never stop believing. Now and then, when I look at my teddy bear, I do experience a vague feeling of guilt. Somehow it still looks very much alive. Its familiar like an old friend.


  1. Ah that's a nice one Renee.

    My favorite quote: "Apparently we used to watch that show when I was a kid... I would never have guessed."

    That's too funny.

    I gave my toys predictable names (except on one or two occasions). I had a small plush mouse which I named "Mousey". And I named my little toy dog "Woof Woof".

    That wasn't my most creative phase.

    I did later name a bear "Tolkien". So I improved as the years went on.

  2. I remember giving two goldfishes names of famous dutch writers. I can remember only one now, Godfried Bomans.

    Godfried, that is such an unusual name...

  3. I love that one of your goldfishes was named Godfried Bomans. That's brilliant! :)

    And yes, Godfried is an intriguing name.


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