Monday, March 12, 2007

Bewitched Meets the Flintstones

Remember when Samantha and Darren crossed over into Bedrock and hung out with Fred and Wilma (Barney and Betty too)? Of course you do. Classic television, I call it. They may have went back in time to visit their caveman friends or it could have been a parallel universe that they stepped into, I'm not exactly sure but it was fun nonetheless.

There was just something warm and cozy about those two shows: the way the characters lived, their houses, their neighbours, their day to day adventures, the magic, the cavemen lore (respectively) etc. There was something for everyone.

I'll have to do a separate post for each program sometime. Perhaps, even tell you about my orange Flintstones lunch box that I sported in fifth grade.

For now, enjoy the episode again:

Click to view part 2 and part 3.


  1. Chel you're makin me crazy with all the Flintstones! I can't resist!! I've had to watch a bunch of them--the Flintstone's music just gives me a warm feeling on the inside... like i'm at Mom and Dad's house and staying home sick from school... :(

  2. Exactly Jax, like we're crashing on our couch at home and the world is peaceful again. I hear you on that one! I like that old Flintstones ad you put on your blog too. They're just the best, those Bedrock folks!


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