Wednesday, March 14, 2007

“Boogers for Brains” and Other Terms of Endearment

In no particular order, listed below is a sampling of the many monikers, nicknames, aliases etc. that I have been marked as, by my surprisingly (it would seem) loving brother:

Rodent, Butt-Cheeks, Boogers for Brains, Not Quite There (or Nearly There), Short-Stuff, Shorty, Stupid-Sisters, Rebonetta, Short-Round, Mojo, Short-Track (Speed Skater), Doobie, Short-Pants, Farts-On-Face, Fartasia, Chelly Bum-tickles, Chelly’s Bum, Dipstick, Rudimentary, Bitchy, Chicken Legs, Dudette, Rhodesia, Dinga, Chelly-Belly, and Chelly-Wellington.

He insists that these labels are in no way “realistic” descriptions of myself (one hopes) but more so terms of endearment.

My favorite term of endearment for him is Butt-Talks.

Go on then, what were your nicknames of choice for your siblings or childhood mates?


  1. Ahhhh... he loves his Chelly Bum.

  2. I called my sister juicy Julie in her teenage years. She didn't appreciate that very much.

    I was referred to as "mouth" by my entire family for years.

  3. Thanks MJ! What a sweet comment.

    Jody: So funny!! I love the names family members give one another! Sounds like there are a couple of good stories there! :)

  4. My brother called me "Joe" because he wanted a little brother.

    He still calls me by that name.

  5. Hi Joe! My brother sometimes calls me George. I forgot to include that one!

    Hi Joe, I'm George! :)

  6. Are you Nancy Drew's friend?

  7. Why yes, MJ dear. I'm a roving sidekick sleuth with great hair! Mind you, I do have Bess' penchant for cakes.

    PS: I've always thought George to be cool.


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