Friday, March 02, 2007

Exciting daytrips

Amusement parks have always made a deep impression on me. As a kid, the crowds and the size of the attractions filled me with awe. Nowadays I rather like the excitement of roller coasters. I didn't always enjoy them though. I remember I was too short for my first roller coaster ride, and found out only afterwards. After my head had been smacked against the vertical parts of the safety bar continuously for several minutes. You know, the bars that bend backwards just above your shoulders if you're tall enough. My ears were badly bruised and I cried my eyes out.

On another daytrip to a theme park, a wasp was flying around my little fingers, which I noticed only after I had closed my hand. The sting was right between my fingers. My mom always says she has never heard anyone scream like I did that day. The whole park must have heard it. One nice old lady certainly did, and lend my parents a special balm to ease the agony.

I do have good memories of amusement parks too. I remember riding in one of those little cars that are guided on a rail. I was four or five years old. Last week Brian wrote about his first driving lesson, and how at that time he didn't believe he was driving without the help of his uncle... This was the exact opposite experience. I actually thought I was controlling the car, and that my dad was really impressed too. "Look how well I can drive dad!" I can still see this one bend in the track, where we would have fallen right into a pond if it weren't for my excellent driving skills.

If only I would have known. But I guess that sometimes experiences are simply more enjoyable when you're clueless. Just occasionally.

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  1. Yay first post from Renee! Love it too!

    You poor thing, a wasp bite at an amusement park? Thank goodness that lady had some balm handy.

    Sounds like we both had similar driving skills at such a young age. I was never good on those rides either! :)


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