Thursday, March 01, 2007

Getting a Hair Cut

I was in 7th grade with hair down to the middle of my back pretty much. It hadn't been short since 1st grade really, but I was in Jr. High now, I needed a new "look". Maybe I could get a fresh start. So Mom set me up an appointment with Aunt Jerri, who had a beauty shop in town. We set out in her shiny, black 1977 Ford F150 XLT (Mom is a truck woman), and headed into town for my haircut.

It's funny the things that stand out in certain memories, I remember the wonderful feeling of riding with Mom as we were on our way to town and the song "Africa" by Toto was playing on the radio, so every time I hear that song those feelings come back, along with the smell of the shampoo and conditioner Aunt Jerri used on my hair, "Apple Pectin".

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  1. Jackie, I had hair down to my waist in seventh grade and finally took the plunge and got it caught that year too.

    I like "Africa" by Toto. Music from the mid-eighties takes me back in a flash.


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