Monday, March 19, 2007

He Ain’t Heavy…

When we were kids, my brother was quite inventive in terms of spontaneously creating fun and crazy games. There were so many of them but the one that sticks out in my mind as being the most intriguing diversion of all, came in the form of a makeshift playground slide.

The assembly of said slide required a few key moves: pulling out one dresser drawer (he emptied out his clothes temporarily), flipping said drawer over and then lastly sliding down it’s surface as one would do on a playground slide.

At first, I was afraid of falling but when I saw my brother practically fly off that slide in absolute joy, I quickly joined in. I remember playing like that for hours, laughing and thinking that life could never get any better. It’s hard to believe that a makeshift slide could bring such an uninhibited sense of joy.

I can’t believe we were so light.

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  1. Ahhh fun times fun times!! Sorry I haven't been by the Childhood in a while, been out of childish ideas and comments--but i'll be back!

  2. Can't wait for 'em Aunt Jackie!! :)


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