Thursday, March 22, 2007

Springtime Memories

"Spring" by Harrison Rucker

Since we ushered in spring this week, I thought it appropriate to repost the following excerpt on my favorite childhood moments from the season (originally written in 2004).

What is it about a beautiful spring day that can bring to mind experiences of beautiful spring days past, ones that you’ve somehow forgotten were there in the back of your mind, due to plain neglect?

Here are a few such memories that awaken in my mind:

Standing for the first time under the shade of a huge maple tree with your small palm gently pressed against the bark; feeling it and smelling it and being protected by it.

The prickly feel of freshly cut grass on the back of your legs, while placing dandelions on your chin as you sit cross-legged on your building’s front lawn (the reflected dandelion on one’s chin has some significance relating to affairs of the heart but regrettably I can’t quite remember what).

Crouching on the back hills of the schoolyard, searching for four-leafed clovers and realizing that this (in addition to making snowmen in the wintertime by yourself) was a wonderful way of attracting new friends to play with, when so clearly at that time you had none.

Standing in the schoolyard pavement with your new spring coat and hoping against hope that the next few months would be different. The renewed hope permeating through every pore was a lovely feeling, even though reality offered something quite opposite, again.

Making water balloons out of grocery store baggies and dropping them off of the balcony (when no one was around, unless that horrid neighbour kid was wandering below, that is).

Taking the ferry to the island with my fourth grade class on the last day of school. Running through the beach, feeding the ducks, attempting the sky ride, giggling, eating cotton candy till we were exhausted. Not realizing that we would never reprise the same relationships again.

Standing by yourself, with a beautiful apple-blossom-scented wind blowing in your hair and wondering what it could all possibly mean.


  1. Anonymous3/26/2007

    Certainly similar feelings for me, although slightly different things we have in my corner of the world... Still, i've just felt sad about alot of things lately... Why does time have to pass so fast? :(

  2. It does seem to move fast. And that sucks. At least we've got some nice memories that we can share. I know it's not the same but we've got to keep moving. It'll be alright my dear AuntJaxxx. Sending you a great big hug and lots of love! :)


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