Sunday, April 08, 2007


I can't remember much about my time at elementary school. I do remember some of my teachers, but oddly enough it seems like I was much older when I knew them. Does that happen to everyone? I often feel I was much older at the time my memories took place. Well anyway, there was my best friend Nadine of course, and her friend (my rival) Mariska. I remember her being such a poser... It's funny how I keep disliking certain people I used to know as a kid, even though they might not have been that bad - in retrospective. But I maintain that Manon was evil. She was the 'popular girl' in my class. Or at least she thought she was.

And then there were the boys. My first 'boyfriend' (How old was I? Six, seven?) wasn't in my school. Michael lived near my parents friends, which we were visiting - it lasted one afternoon. I didn't like him very much anyway. We sat on a low branch of a tree, and he asked to see my belly button. I still think of him as being quite perverse.

Joost was in my class, and we were sort of together. He was really... white. Very pale, with hair so blond it looked white too. I remember absolutely nothing about our relationship, though. Except for that one beautiful day on which I dumped him. I mean, what else should I have done when he showed clear disrespect for my possessions? He threw my Tamagotchi right on the ground, he could have broken/killed it! I ignored him, took my Tamagotchi off the ground and walked right home. After a while he came to my house. My mom opened the door and (I can hear it now) said, "I really don't think she wants to see you right now." I felt so triumphant.

When I was about 12 years old I had my first real crush on someone. His name was Rachid. His mom was Dutch, his dad from Tunisia, and his stepfather from Egypt. Strange how I remember those things. Black hair, bright eyes, smooth spotless skin the colour of mocha. Perfect teeth. And I was so shy. But I managed to invite him to my birthday, and he actually showed up. After Manon had threatened to make me pay for anything that might develop between us. Nothing ever came of it, though. I lost track of him as soon as we went to different secondary schools. When I saw him years later I was surprised to find his facial features looking quite, how shall I put this, disarranged.

But most fondly I remember a boy whom I never thought of as a potential boyfriend. Rosario was a rather stocky Italian boy with a big smile that often turned up on his broad face. A supporting role in a major mafia movie would have suited him - as a matter of fact, I remember him having a real talent for intimidating other kids. But he always behaved very friendly towards me. I don't know why, he might have simply been pitying me. In addition, he teached me a skill I will cherish for the rest of my life; how to remove spilled glue from a piece of paper. Wait half a minute for the glue to become viscous, then rub it off without exerting too much pressure. Won't leave a trace.


  1. Favourite post, favourite post! Hands down!!

    I loved reading every word of it.

    Yes, it always seemed like I was much older when I was in elementary school. Just goes to show our emotions and reactions to things when we're little, deserved more respect than they often received.

    I used to know several girls like Manon. Blah!

    The bit about Michael asking to see your belly button made me chuckle out loud.

    I had to google Tamagotchi. :) I'm a bit older than you. :P How could Joost do that? You showed him.

    I remember boys like Rachid and Rosario too (good on him).

    You rocked this one Renee.

  2. Everyone's childhood memories seem to be so recognizable - we all knew kids like Manon - but at the time it didn't feel like we could relate to others like that all, at that time, did it? Everyone seemed so different, but to some extent they were experiencing the same.

    Except for kids that were actually like Manon, of course. That's just a whole other world ;)

  3. I really enjoyed this post too... Isn't it funny how our minds worked as children, and even now I guess because I have always felt the same in my heart and mind.



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