Sunday, April 01, 2007


Dutch Carnival is celebrated in Catholic regions, mostly the southern provinces. It's barely celebrated where I live, which is just fine because it's not really my sort of thing anyway. However, it is a national tradition for children to come to school dressed up - on one afternoon at least. I remember my classy wedding dress costume with crepe paper bridal bouquet, and that one carnaval I impersonated a punk. But most of all I remember this costume, an ingenious invention by my mum (easy to make yet 'adorably cute') of which I dared not say I absolutely hated it. On the hat it says; ik ben een kadootje.

"I am a present."


  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable are you! You're a gift indeed. :)

    Love it, Renee. Thanks for sharing some Dutch culture with us. More, I say!

  2. What a cute costume and picture.

  3. Hay that reminds me of that spring celebration they have in Croatia my mother told me about. My mom has this old pic I guess she took of some day care children dressed up in a parade. She use to be a day care teacher at the time when she was still living in Europe.

  4. That's absolutely adorable!!! Very neat, I love finding out about cultural things too. Great post!


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