Monday, April 23, 2007

Five Years Old

My first celebrity crush occurred when I was five.

Like many gals before me, I fell for the musician types. The Bay City Rollers had that sort of appeal that only teenage girls and wide-eyed toddlers could appreciate. I was no exception. Their greatest hits collection was one of my most prized possessions. When they came to Toronto in 1977, there was pandemonium in the city.

Mind you, I used to also enjoy Big Bird's "Sleepy Time" album back then (one of the classiest albums I own to date). The Bay City Rollers, however, remained tops in my book, especially during that kindergarten era.

I get emotional listening to some of their music, because it takes me right back.

Just what were they thinking?

So I'll put a couple of questions to you:

  1. What did you listen to when you were five? and
  2. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Here's a clip of one of my faves: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night.

Imagery via Bay City Rollers The Photo Book


  1. When I was five I think my mother was playing CCR and John Denver a lot so I heard that. Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame might be the first cleebrity crush I can remember.

  2. We played John Denver alot in our home too growing up. To this day, his songs leave me feeling sentimental and warm.

    By the way, while I listened to BCR my brother was cranking out KISS. The Album cover was awesome and I remember just staring at it for hours.

  3. I guess it would be The Fonz... :)

    I remember some disco songs, but I always listened to my mom's old 45 records adn that was anything from 50s/60s music to old country.

    I loved her records!

  4. I remember those disco tunes too Jax, especially Disco Duck (was that what it was called?) with Donald Duck.

    I've always loved 50s/60s music.

  5. When I was 5, it was 1958. I think that might be the year we got the TV. I got to watch cartoons and kids shows like Romper Room.

    My first crush was when I was 5, but he was a real life boy in my kindergarten class. I chased him around the classroom, but had no idea what I would do if I caught him. I was only 5, after all, and a lot less sophisticated than 5 year olds even 10 or 15 years later.

    He's a doctor now and his mother (his parents and my parents became friends) reminded me a few years ago how Keith used to come home from kindergarten and complain about the girl who kept chasing him. I'll never live that down.

    First celebrity crushes came later: Ricky Nelson, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, and then, a bit later, when I was 11, David "Illya Kuryakin" McCallum, and musically, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits and George Harrison of The Beatles.


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